Aims and Values

Everything we do at Goldfinch Primary is based on our values which reflect the cultural heritage and the wide range of family backgrounds of all the children in our community.  We are inclusive and respectful of all and offer a learning environment which is safe and supportive and which can meet the individual needs of our pupils. At Goldfinch Primary we have high expectations. We aim to provide each child with a broad and exciting curriculum; balancing excellent teaching in literacy and maths with all other subjects across the curriculum including music, dance and sport. We believe learning should be inspiring and children should be motivated to learn. We believe it is essential to work in partnership with our families and listen to the needs of our community.

Goldfinch Primary pupils feel valued and respected. They are responsible citizens who love learning and want to develop personal skills in supporting themselves and others. The pupils will leave Goldfinch Primary with excellent learning skills, confident to take risks and resilient when learning is challenging. The pupils will leave Goldfinch Primary with good skills in literacy and maths which they can apply across all areas of the curriculum. They are ready to face the challenges of secondary education with enthusiasm.

Emilie Haston,  Headteacher

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