• Waiting for a place

Once your child has been allocated a place we will contact you to arrange a meeting.  If this is part of the main intake to Nursery or Reception for the beginning of September you will be invited to a meeting in June or early July to visit the school along with other families.

If your child is being admitted mid year then you will be asked to come and meet with either your child’s new teacher or a senior member of staff.

You will be advised of a start day, this will have been judged to be the best date for your child to be introduced to the school; we often avoid starting a child in the middle of a particularly busy time or at the end of term.

  • Your child’s first day

Usually we ask you to bring your child into school at the beginning of the day by 8.55am when they will be met by their new teacher in the playground.  Although it is difficult for all parents on the first day you should let your child go alone with their class and teacher into the school building when the bell goes.

  • Lunch time

Your child may bring a packed lunch or order school dinners.

Our lunches are cooked onsite by Edwards and Ward. A menu is available from the office.

It is easier for our caterers if children stick to either dinners or packed lunch for a month at a time but we know that this can be a problem and do not insist on it.   School dinners need to be paid for at least a week in advance. If your child brings a packed lunch please avoid any nuts or nut products as we have several children and staff with a severe allergy.  We have a guideline for healthy lunch boxes.

  • Collecting Your Child

The school day ends at 3.30pm when the children are brought back to the playground by their teacher.  To keep everyone safe and secure the gates to the school are locked until 3.30pm.  Please make contact with the teacher and ensure they know that you are collecting your child.

If for any reason you are delayed in collecting your child please ring the school office and let us know as soon as possible.  If a child is not collected they will be waiting at the school office.  You will be asked to sign the late collections record.

For nursery aged children there may well be different arrangements made for timings.

If at any stage you are concerned about your child or just want to check that they have settled please feel free to call the office on 020 8769 6486.  It may not be possible to speak directly to the class teacher but we will be happy to check up on your child and call you back.