A few tips to help you through the process of secondary transfer.

  1. Keep an open mind about which schools to apply to. With a great deal of  competition for the most popular schools, it is important that you give consideration to a number of schools.
  2. Attend the open days/evenings of as many schools as you can both in Wandsworth and other boroughs. Information about schools in other boroughs can be obtained by contacting the relevant Local Authority. You may wish to take your child with you to visit the school.
  3. Obtain a prospectus for each of the schools that you are considering and find out as much as you can about the aims, curriculum, policies and academic performance of the school. This information will also be on the school website. You could look at Ofsted inspection reports copies of which are on the website www.ofsted.gov.ukand should be on the secondary school’s website).
  4. Check you understand the selection criteria for each school, and try to get an idea of how likely it is that your child will obtain a place at the school. Some parents have asked about obtaining measurements from their home to secondary schools. Wandsworth Pupil Services recommend the following site for estimating the straight line distance: http://www.freemaptools.com/distance-between-uk-postcodes.htm
  5. Apply to more than one school preferably up to a maximum of 6 and at least one near to your home. The only guarantee of obtaining a place in a particular secondary school is if you meet the sibling criteria. This has changed for some schools so please check the information for each school carefully. To fulfil the sibling criteria your older child(ren) must still be at that school in September 2016.
    (Note that you still need to send an application form before the closing date)
  6. If you are applying to schools in other boroughs or independent schools it is up to you to check the closing dates for applications and make sure that your forms are sent in time. Application forms for independent schools need to be requested from the schools themselves.

The closing date for the application form is 31st October but you are recommended to return forms by the final day of this half term (26th October). Applications need to be made on the form provided by your home Local Authority and returned to them by 30th October or online by the same date. If you are a Wandsworth resident, forms can be returned to Goldfinch Primary for us to forward to the LA. Note that Lambeth are only accepting online applications.

If your application is late your child will not be considered for a place until after the initial offer of places in March 2016.

  1. If you need help or advice please contact the office. We will be arranging opportunities for individual meetings to discuss the secondary transfer process and workshops to help parents complete the transfer forms.

We support our families in the transition to secondary school.  In September the school distribute booklets from Wandsworth Council.  Secondary schools invite visits in September and October.  We meet with parents and help where needed with filling in the preference forms.