8Eardley has Red Nose Madness

Thank you everyone!

Eardley was hoping to raise £500 so that they could fund a water closet in a community setting in Africa. We have exceeded that by £300+. Well done!

Eardley School Council


Quotes from our School Councillors:

Year 3

  • Being in the school council is about sharing ideas and making our school better.
  • Being in the school council is amazing because you get to share good ideas and learn about responsibility.


  • Being in the School council makes us feel like we are an important part of the school.
  • Being a school councillor means being a lot because we love helping.

Year 5

  • We love to help people and enjoy raising money for charities.

Year 6

  • I want to help my school improve and get better learning equipment.
  • We want to make our school a great place to learn.