At Eardley Primary School it is our aim that all children who come here should achieve their full potential as learners.  To do this, we offer a rich, varied and balanced curriculum where we provide children with the opportunity to excel in art, sport, music and dance as much as in the core academic subjects. We take pride in delivering our creative curriculum with the same high level of enthusiasm and professionalism that we put into teaching the core subjects of reading, writing and mathematics.

Everything we do at Eardley is based on our values which reflect the cultural heritage and the wide range of family backgrounds of all the children in our community.  We are inclusive and respectful of all and offer a learning environment which is safe and supportive and which can meet the individual needs of all.  We know that children learn best and achieve most when they have developed a love of learning and that the best way to help them to this is to offer them a range of experiences.  We support them in developing their own ways to find out about the world, to ask questions, to challenge ideas, to make connections and to understand the relationship between subjects.  We set high clear standards for achievement and behaviour and expect all our children will be able to reach them.  With our help, they become confident and independent learners for life.

Our curriculum maps can be found below:

Medium Term Subject Plans

Yearly Creative Curriculum

Creative Curriculum Class Records